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Writing about myself is something that I have always found difficult but, then I don't suppose that you are here to read about the day that my Dad took the training wheels off my first two-wheeler in Marion, Indiana or the time that I marched in the Fourth of July parade in Hoosick Falls, New York or about my first car (a black '63 Chevy Impala named Bullwinkle).

No, I suspect that you are more interested in what it is that makes me think that I might be qualified to assist you with your SOHO (small office, home office) technology support and website design needs. Therefore, I feel that this can be less formal than a resume but perhaps, more formal than me telling the story of why Thanksgiving always makes me think about Grant's Tomb.

Technical Diagnostic & Repair Skills

    My "day job" for the former 25+ years has been as an office equipment service technician repairing electronic, electromechanical, mechanical and pneumatic systems.

Macintosh Skills

    I have been a Macintosh user for about 25+ years as well as a member & officer of Double Click, Inc. the Macintosh Users Group of Milwaukee for much of that time. Volunteering my time helping other group members with their Macintosh hardware and software questions, problems. Now that I have relocated to southern Arizona, I am proud to be a member and officer of TMUG, the Tucson Macintosh Users Group.

Art & Design Skills

    If one were to shake my family tree it would start raining artists. As a young man I was trained in photography and worked for several years as a free lance wedding photographer.

    I have created successful websites for members of the art community. Arguably, some of the most demanding customers in the areas of design, layout and human interface issues. Please check out my Web Design Services page and visit some of my continuing customer sites to see my work for yourself.

Interpersonal Skills

    Operator training was a large part of my "day job." I have found that by imparting increased knowledge and confidence in my customers, the technical part of my job becomes easier.

    I have worked with new as well as veteran Macintosh computer users on-site and over the phone solving problems and becoming more productive in their own computing environment.

    Demonstrations and presentations of hardware, software, tips & techniques are a regular part of my duties as an officer in a Macintosh Users Groups in Milwaukee and Tucson.

Please send me an email if you would like to correspond with one or more of my references in any area that interests you.

Our National Anthem

Here is an incredible performance by some very talented young women that makes me feel proud to be an American and never fails to bring a tear to my eye.

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About Bob

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